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Our Past Life:

The Standards

The Shueys

All Profits from the sale of the CD goes to the Shuey Family Fund

Don’t Lose Hope... Choose Adoption

Check List
Locate Songs from before 1923 - Locate proof
Make new arrangements
Record music
Do vocal arrangements
Create order of CD
Design CD and Order
1000 CDs on a first run
Due Date = April 15, 2018

Johnathan and Laura Shuey
Lebanon, PA
1) Has Anybody Seen My Girl
2) Oh Johnny
3) Down By The Old Mill Stream
4) Glow Worm
Shine On Harvest Moon
I Love You Truly
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Down By The Riverside
Bicycle Built For Two
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Under The Bamboo Tree
Bill Bailey
Give My Regards To Broadway
Skip To My Lou

Songs are from the public domain.
We will pick 10 to 12 arrangements.
Working Song List
The Shueys
Shueymusic Studio
Music Lessons
Shueymusic Worship
Zion UMC Worship Team
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Current News

“The Shueys” are currently still working on their first recording project.  We are going to see where the music takes us.  Below is a list of the possibilities.

* Demo Recording *

Songs we do at our gigs

* Worship Recording *

Songs we do at our church

* Our Past Life: The Standards *

Songs from Pre-1923

* Christmas Recording *

Our Favorite Christmas songs

* Original Recording *

We have a lot of music in us... we just want to see what we can do together with music and lyrics.

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