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The Shueys                                                The Shueys

“Jump Jive and Wail” - Valentines Show 2010 - Jonestown, PA
     Jump Jive.mp3

“Hear My Worship” - Laura Shuey singing at a church service

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Church                                      Shueymusic Worship

“Everlasting God” - Used for a Contemporary Church Service


“Famous One” - Used to enhance a praise band


“Victory Chant” - I like this arrangement


“You Never Let Go” - Used to enhance a praise band



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Here are only a few demo tracks produced at Shueymusic Studio.  More demos to come

Studio                                            Shueymusic Studio

“Yancey’s Auto Body” - Jingle for the radio in Lebanon, PA
     AutoBody 2 JRS.mp3

“Morse Code Of Love” - Doo-Wop group from Carlisle, PA

“Ooo, Baby, Baby” - Doo-Wop group from Carlisle, PA

“Shama Lama Ding Dong” - Doo-Wop group from Carlisle, PA

“At The Hop” - Doo-Wop group from Carlisle, PA

“Toyland” - Track done for a voice student

E-mail Us:  shueymusicstudio@comcast.net

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